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My favorite meal of all times… A decent full english breakfast. With lots of ketchup!


My favorite meal of all times… A decent full english breakfast. With lots of ketchup!

Rules for the card game

“Five cards are dealt to each player, or seven cards if there are four or fewer players. The remaining cards go into a pile hereby referred to as the ‘pool.’

The deck is comprised of four suits, the design of which varies according to deck manufacture (see merchant in Dawn’s Blossom and Old Town for ‘questionable’ ones).

The player asks the person to their left for a card of particular rank – i.e. ‘Do you have any twos?’ The player must hand over any one card that fits that descriptor. If the person does not have that card, the player must draw a single card from the pool. If it fits the card being asked for, it is shown to the other players before being paired up and placed, face up, on the table. Otherwise, if the card is not a match, it remains unshown and in hand, and play passes to the player on the left.

Play continues until all hands are emptied or no more cards are able to be played.

The player with the most piles wins.”

Vandrysse reread the notes, nodding to herself. They’d never put the card game rules into writing although it almost always never ended by its own accord, instead turning into a glorious mishmash of drinking, storytelling, and outright silliness.

Now to start on a shopping list. Whoever showed up at the game was going to walk away well fed …

To hell with perfection. I’ll take a flawed man that has fought to survive over an arrogant boaster with everything, any day. Women do not want wealth, pretty lies, or flashy appearances. Give a woman honesty - not the fantasy you think she wants to hear, pursue her with genuine interest - wanting to know the real her is priceless, own your mistakes and scars - they prove you are a fighter and don’t give up, and be proud of her - there is little that affirms a woman more than your pride in who she is and that she is yours. Be you - it’s who she really wants anyway.

— chrissymiller89 (via chrissymiller89)


Photographer: Geoffrey DevautourModel: Gladii


Photographer: Geoffrey Devautour
Model: Gladii

In response to a reply....


In response to vandrysse's comment to my last post about green veg…

Thoran eyed the cupcakes with the green frosting in shapes of actual vegetables that rested on the table. He wondered what the chances were that they had something gross in them…like zucchini…

He sniffed the air carefully,…

Because this is the only way to change.
To want. To ask.
To be an unlocked house
in a neighborhood of robbers.
Palms open, Arms extended. Voice unshaking.
Broadening yourself like a target to say
“Aim. Shoot. I am ready.
I invite hope in
I know failure may follow.”

Clementine von Radics (via splitterherzen)

This is the tumblr group hug. Pass it on.